What the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in October 2023 Mean for You, Astrologically

The eclipse is in Taurus, the practical, grounded-in-reality sign that embodies the fine arts of building resources and creating security. A lunar eclipse in early Taurus could prompt questions about our resources or money and, perhaps, our fears of not having enough of either. In astrology, we connect Libra with our relationships, including how we connect and relate to one another. Libras are sometimes labeled as indecisive; this is not wholly accurate, but it’s necessarily inaccurate, either. Libras are one of the people-pleasers of the zodiac, pushing to keep everyone happy and often hesitating to ask for what they really want. For the past two years, we’ve been under the moralizing thumb of these Taurus lunar eclipses. We’ve seen right-wing and religious zealots sign restrictive rules into law.

Many have strong egos, or at least powerful defense mechanisms, and most Lunar Aquarians will do their best to be the most unique and unusual person they can be. Their inner feeling of loneliness –that they don’t quite fit in– puts them on the outside, looking in. They are lifetime students of human nature, loving to analyze why people do what they do.

This week: The Sun is in Libra; Mercury is in Libra; Venus is in Virgo; Mars is in Scorpio.

You’ll need to provide your birthday and the time you were born, which is found on most birth certificates. With these signs in mind, it’s easy to see how your Moon sign completes the triad. Your Moon sign represents the emotional part of yourself that may be hidden from others, the mysterious side of your personality, your secret desires and hidden wishes. The Moon moves in cycles and through the signs, meaning that its influence can change drastically from one day to the next. The Moon typically spends about 2.5 days in each sign and completes each lunar cycle in 28 days, moving from New to Full and back again. If your moon is in Pisces or the 12th house, you are sensitive and empathetic. People are drawn to your soothing vibe and compassionate nature.

What zodiac sign is ruled by the moon?

And, perhaps more than anything, they need to be respected by others in order to feel secure. Read more about moon phase astrology calendar here. There’s a blind faith in Lunar Sagittarians that is admirable.

Attitudes and behaviors are so natural in our personality that we may not even notice them. The Moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite and the entity closest to our home planet. Its proximity makes it easy to grasp and most of our energetic and healing work should start from the Moon’s challenges.

Not every eclipse will be significant to you specifically, but most eclipses offer a sort of heightened energy — one that can be pretty palpable and active for approximately one week. Plus, the eclipse point is active until the next eclipse arrives, usually within six months. That area can become very charged whenever a planet crosses it. Like all water signs, Pisces Moons have deep emotions and can be rather sensitive, and Pisces Moons are known to be the most sensitive out of all the water signs. Their emotional nature is exceptionally profound, and they can find it challenging to feel understood by and connected to those around them. On the other hand, Pisces Moon natives understand other people exceptionally well and are very understanding of their emotional needs. It is important that they find a healthy outlet for their emotions, such as being creative, as they can be prone to fall into unhealthy ways of dealing with their emotions through drugs or alcohol.

The rapid speed at which the Moon moves through the zodiac is a perfect representation of how our emotions are consistently changing throughout the month, and they rarely remain consistent. On the other hand, the Sun represents our conscious self-expression, which does not change every few days and remains more constant. The Moon represents our mother and our home, the feeling of belonging and support. The Moon represents our subconscious world, our emotions, heart, and the love we are capable to feel in this lifetime. It is the support of our family and in the practical sense and our interpretations we will see it as a feminine parallel to the Sun. If the Sun is a husband, the Moon will be the wife, and they will remain in a contact of giving light and reacting to it until the end of time, from our perspective on Earth.

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