PS2 Swap Magic – Play PS2 Import And Backup Games With The Swap Magic For PS2

Playing import games on your PlayStation 2 or new Slim PSTwo console was virtually impossible, considering that it required you to install a mod chip into your PS2 machine, something that not everyone is able to do, or is willing to do. A PS2 Mod Chip requires you to solder small wires to some pretty small Sega Pico ROMs solder points right on the main board (motherboard) of your PS2 Console. Playing import games was really for the hard core gamer, and the gamers that would be willing to do some internal surgery to their ps2 consoles.

The PS2 Swap Magic changed all of that. With the PS2 Swap Magic there is absolutely no need to solder anything or install any type of chip into your PS2 console. In fact, unlike mod chips for the PlayStation 2, with the PS2 Swap Magic you’ll be ready to play your import game in just seconds. By using the PS2 Swap Magic and a PS2 Cover, you’ll instantly be able to play your import and backup PlayStation 2 games without any hassles or fuss.

The PS2 Swap Magic Disc acts as a loader for all of your import and personal backup games. You’ll first load up the PS2 Swap Magic disc, and when greeted with the main menu, you will select LOAD PROGRAM and press your X button. At which time, you have to remove and take out the PS2 Swap Magic disc and insert the game disc you wish to load. Unlike a mod chip, where once installed, you just put in the game disc you want to play, the latest import or backup game and power up your PS2 console to start playing. You will have to do what’s called a single swap with the PS2 Swap Magic discs. What this means is that you’ll simply put in the PS2 Swap Magic Disc first, before your game, and then swap it out after the Swap magic for PS2 has loaded.

While heavy mod chip users consider this annoying, for people like myself, who would prefer not to solder and perform electronics surgery, it’s a very small price to pay for being able to play those really cool Japanese and European games. With the newest versions, there are also some added benefits over mod chips, such as loading homebrew applications and software directly from your ps2 memory card. Something that mod chips simply do not allow you to do, unless you buy the high end mod chips like the DMS4, etc… which require even more wires to be soldered.

The features of the PS2 Swap Magic speak for themselves, and clearly indicate that the need for a ps2 mod chip is eliminated completely and there is absolutely no modification required to your ps2 console in order to play your import and backup games with ease.

PS2 Swap Magic – Feature List:

  • There is no warranty to void
  • Works with original import games
  • No modchip for the games to detect

No modification to the internal system

  • No extra stress on the laser lens


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